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Prymary Colours – I’m Here Now | Spoken with Impact

I’m Here Now is the latest single by the singer and DJ duo named Prymary Colours and it is a unique dance track that leaves an impact. The song features a very concise introduction to the artist themselves and how they had to work through all the trials that a member of a minority community has to go through while also portraying a positively can-do attitude that will undoubtedly instill the same feeling of confidence on the listener.

Prymary Colours really showcase their ability to craft a magnificently flavourful dance track with the top notch production that includes all the hallmarks of a song that can be rightfully called an absolute banger in colloquial terms. This preexisting track is effortlessly woven into their singer delivering a heartfelt but stern declaration of her stance regarding the injustices she has had to face to get where she is at right now and how she feels at the current place in life. The song while already a gorgeous track going from a purely musical standpoint gets elevated to a work of art that is profoundly autobiographical and one which will be relateable to everyone who has had to face systemic injustices and delivers a message of hope and determination.

So if you are the kind of person who expects a little more from your EDM tracks than just the run of the mill dance music then Prymary Colours is a duo that you should not miss. That being said they still deliver a kick-ass track that oozes attitude and bravery in the face of strife.

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