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Electric High-Populate the Moon
Electric High-Populate the Moon
Electric High-Populate the Moon

Electric High-Populate the Moon | Sizzle

Look, by now I can give it in writing, that there is chemistry between me & Electric High. I love them, they love me-and my admin knows it so I always get their tracks as soon as they’re released. Just when my compliment bubble runs out of synonyms for “explosive” & “awesome”, Electric High release a single; in this case Populate the Moon. It is explosive and awesome.

Switching vehicle to a longform style of delivery, Populate the Moon is an Ozzy-off-the-rails ride with respect to the vocals and some delicious funk bass. When its that delicious, its better you put it on display often, and that is what Electric High do. The chorus riff is a direct homage to the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Iommic chord construction, and serves to the songs wicked riffage and chaos.

I might have foreshadowed something there, but nothing that I can’t justify. As this is a breakout from the 3-4 minute tracks, the group have made sure they descend into madness to create the climax of the song. Chaos. It has frequency distrurbance flooding in as the vocals blur in and out in a haze, the guitar continues, and the message is clear-we have landed. Out of sight, out of mind in a literal sense.

Crafted by a group with experience and voluminous jams to echo through several generations, this band is one to watch out for, again.

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