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vanda - fairytale
vanda - fairytale

Vanda’s Magical “Fairytale” Melody: A Must-Listen Pop Experience

Michelle Alyce Vanda is an LA-based singer/songwriter. Her journey from stunning theatre performances in Chicago to discovering her creative voice and writing original songs in her father’s recording studio has taken her to the world of pop music. Vanda’s exclusive and memorable sound, inspired by Ariana Grande, Ashnikko, H.E.R., Post Malone, and Rihanna, has an ever-growing fan base and industry acclaim. Welcome this rising star as she storms the music world, captivating hearts with her compelling performances and soul-stirring melodies.

Vanda is back with a touching new single, “Fairytale.” Her vocals have always been a source of joy to me, and she definitely shines in this song. “Fairytale” radiates emotion and passion and is such an appealing melody. The musical composition is just incredible, with beautiful keys, delicate beats, and an ambient chorus that complements Vanda’s passionate and intense voice brilliantly.

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The song hits its peak at 1:53, with all of the musical components integrating beautifully as Vanda continues to pour her heart into the lyrics. I totally loved the piano work in the song. It will surely leave you stunned and it adds the right emotional edge which directly touches your heart. “Fairytale” is a truly unique piece of music that strikes a deep chord with listeners.

The ability of “Fairytale” to connect deeply with you creates a sense of personal involvement and emotional resonance. When you are in the mood for some reflection or yearning for some beautiful melodies while you want to find comfort in solace, this has to be your go-to song. Vanda yet again proves that she is here to shine in the pop music world, and we are here for it.

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Enjoy listening to “Fairytale” by Vanda here.

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