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Rayka Blake-Nevermore | Intense blues

Bring in the blues, piping hot. Rayka Blake is a relatively new artist, yet has set her own path on fire. Nevermore is her single from 2019, and it’s a great single packed with flavor, tone and vocal precision. It’s quite a popular track on Spotify, making waves within the indie music community.

Nevermore has a spine of the blues, and shifts between indie and alt-rock. Using multiple layered guitars, Rayka sings with the strong voice of Adele and Janis Joplin mixed. She navigates high notes with relative ease, and this track is a roller coaster. It has highs and lows, creates niches where the instrumentals can shine. Most of all, it utilizes Rayka Blake to her optimum level, of navigating her sound. Parts where the guitar shine are interesting, as Rayka offsets the tone with her powerful voice that can scale magnitudes on either sides of the spectrum.

For an opening number, this is highly impressive. Composing, writing and performing this track is a professional class in how to design a song around your personality. Produced with great balance and volume by Pietro Foresti, this track has inspired a new energy in listening to an indie artist, in terms of exploration. We hope to hear more from Rayka Blake.

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