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Elliott Jones - Moment of Madness
Elliott Jones - Moment of Madness

Experience the Magnetic Rock Swirls of Elliott Jones’ Latest, “Moment of Madness”

Elliott Jones is a guitarist and indie rock artist from New Forest, UK. His music can be characterized by its strong emotional quotients underpinned by zealous accessories. Stringing electric riffs with storytelling lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, he leaves behind a distinctive imprint. In his latest track, Moment of Madness, Elliott Jones delivers a surmounting track, lyrically and sonically chronicling the events and emotions that led to the breaking point. 

The track is drenched in rich licks of sound and sentiment. It journeys the listener through the throes of headache and obsessive grief. Teeming with luminous melodies, powerful riffs, and warm baritones, its tempo is mellow. But the build is stunning. Magnetic swirls of concentric riffs and enveloping bass lines attach to the pounding beat motif to energize the vocals. They pool in the chorus, smoothly compounding to drive up to the summit of madness before their tides fall back into the verses. 

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The song features the talent of Nick Jones on the guitar, Kurt Philips on the drums, Keaton on the bass and of course Elliott Jones on the guitar and vocals. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Moment of Madness by Elliott Jones here – 

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