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Miles Away - Back to Sleep
Miles Away - Back to Sleep

Miles Away – Back to Sleep | Happy Place

Brace yourself for a dreamy collaboration between Canadian producer, Miles Away and American singer, Danni Carra in this new single, Back To Sleep. Tracing the line between real and unreal, the track is a wonderland.

Sweet as cotton candy, the smoky vocals are the first thing you take note of. They lift off of dreamy melodies to form a magical soundscape. The song leaps smoothly to mesmerizing heights, transitioning between levels using glorious harmonies and dancing synths. 

Even though the production is made to elicit a mellow sound, the melody combinations make for an engaging and heartfelt listening experience. It takes us back to those moments that make you aware of your existence, a surreality that births gratitude and humility. 

Made up of purple skies, pastel memories, candy hearts and paradisal romance, the track is a happy place. Its feel good canvas is bejeweled by pearls of melancholia. The dancing threads are out of the place where reality meets fantasy and their weaves resonate with a phantom comfort. Like a strange connection, a déjà vu, you feel aligned with the artist.

The song is the perfect example of simplistic brilliance. Its rhythm, vocals, melodies and harmonies are unforced, flowing and interacting like graceful dancers. With syncopated beats seamlessly sweeping the melodies into infectious hooks, we experience a full canvas of jubilant euphonies. 

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