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Matt Saxton-Tonight
Matt Saxton-Tonight
Matt Saxton-Tonight

Matt Saxton-Tonight | Calling the shots

You know what tonight is? Friday night. Great music night. The Satch, Jack White, Aerosmith have released albums today, and Matt Saxton is making this day a little better by releasing his single, Tonight. You might know him from his famous ‘Google’ single, Seabird. You should know him otherwise because of the music he puts out.

Tonight is a delicate mixture of rock, pop and dance music. I say this because you can groove to it any which way. The nature of the song is, say, perfect for the Friday it was released on. The pill Matt needs in this case is the night itself, a night to be wasted yet remembered. With simple chord changes and dance effects from the late 90s disco era, Matt Saxton uses these tools shrewdly and puts together a cool song/dance number.

It’s been almost 8 years since his famous single, Seabird. He has put out some great singles since then, and an album I Wasn’t Looking For Love in 2018. This might be a prelude to what we might hear in his new album. With 4 albums under his belt and more than 15 years of musical experience, Matt Saxton is at his best right now. By right now, I mean even tonight.

Listen to his single here:

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