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Moana A – Mad Woman
Moana A – Mad Woman

Moana A – Mad Woman | Empowering Anthem

Mad Woman is the latest insane collaboration between singe-songwriters Moana A and Kendra Dantes, with producer Dennis C. aka Soulplusmind. Nothing short of a supergroup trio!

Singer-songwriter Moana A hails from and had her upbringing in Saint Martin in the Carribean region. An exponent of cinematic pop, she has made her mark as a prolific musician, she is based in LA. Kendra Dantes who is based in Sacramento, California, has been featured on Lucifer on Netflix. A native of Hawaii and based in Pittsburgh, Soulplusmind has been a noted producer with his music featured on several mainstream American channels like ABC, NBC, HBO, Showtime, MTV, and VH1.

The song begins with synths and production sections as the vocals lay down the melody. Pianos and synth sections sound stunning. The bridge is performed stunningly by Moana A. And we get both fiery artists joining together in the chorus. You have a strong melody that carries a tight hook and headbanging groove. The dazzling artwork is by Celal Kerem Göğüş. Mad Woman has a certain grandeur in the way it executes its sonic canvass.

The lyrics have depth and an anthemic feel while the arrangement and production show a great thematic aural range. Immensely beautiful it depicts sublime profundity and variational impact. With its goth tinge, you are mystified by the song. Thematically depicting strength, power, independence, and liberty with the utmost confidence, it tells you something that needs to be heard. A message which would universally resonate across and throughout. Do not miss Mad Woman by Moana A, Kendra Dantes, and Soulplusmind.

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