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“Fuck About Me” by Zack Fowler: PapaRoachNirvanaP!ATD

The 90s were filled with songs that came bundled with disbelieving, resigned themes, representative of the angst of the youth that would make that kind of music at the time– that, coupled with the punk movement that was picking up traction at the time, gave birth to what we would later identify as punk rock; and twisting that into the 2020s, we have a form of punk rock that seems a child of dubstep-esque electronic music, coupled with classic four-on-the-floor acoustic drumming. “Fuck About Me” by Zack Fowler is an example of this style of music. Please keep reading for my thoughts!

From the word “go”, this song embodies everything that’s good about punk and grunge. There is great energy in the instrumental, as well as in the vocals as they come together to propel a properly angsty message, alluded to sufficiently by the title of the song itself, if I may say so 😛

As the song evolves, more themes are explored, all while maintaining that grit in the production that made this style of music so iconic, and continues to, to this day. As the song draws to a close, one finds themselves singing the melody to the hook, and it’s a catchy one at that! I thoroughly enjoyed that it made me do that.

The mix and master have great balance, with good creative work happening post-production, which is always a welcome addition to any musical process. The instruments are well controlled, and the vocals really have a chance to shine, which I quite appreciated.

With “Fuck About Me”, Zack Fowler has a banger on their hands! Check out the song here.

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