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Saves the Witch-Abeam the Intrepid
Saves the Witch-Abeam the Intrepid
Saves the Witch-Abeam the Intrepid

Saves the Witch brings post rock with a metal touch in “Abeam the Intrepid”

Saves the Witch has some of the most eclectic post rock sounds to offer. The project, led by Eric Maynes has developed an undercurrent of fans appreciating the way he approaches composition. Tone, delivery, structure and the themes that are driven into are the true inspiration this musician looks for. His latest single is a parallel framework that adds finesse to his already inspiring sound. This is Abeam the Intrepid

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Fall to grace with Saves the Witch

The haunting opening is the suspense driven vehicle we will mount. The chord changes are transitioned with slides, while denser clouds of synth accompany. To make sure we’re not in an instrumental loop, the variations heard are exciting. The monologue on radio just adds another layer of drama to the process. Attack and reverb magic announce the real jawbreaker. 
Saves the Witch can be many things, being a post rock project. However, the metal remains metal when it is taken to. The killer riff has the meat and bones to prove a carnivores worth. As he layers come together, you can zoom out from this microscale to the macro. The gentle flourishes of the opening to the drilling heaviness of the closing is incredible to see in hindsight. The sludge lords will be pleased.

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His 2022 album Sounds from a Burning Forest is worth exploring. Not only does it have dynamic range, but this versatile virtuoso has attention to detail in composing his music. Saves the Witch is a project like none other, and you can listen to the unique execution here with us!:

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