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Ollie Twohill – Silk Dress | Upbeat

NSW Australia-based singer-songwriter Ollie Twohill recently released his first single of the year “Silk Dress”. Known best for his releases “Tapping Away” and “Stone Cold Killer”, the artist shares guitar-centric indie-pop/rock tunes that feature his unique singer-songwriter sound. Ollie’s latest single is a follow-up to his 2021 release “Boots” which tells the story of a young musician who follows her dream of working and playing hard in pursuit of cracking it on the music charts.

“Silk Dress” starts with a melancholic, yet somewhat uplifting guitar progression in the intro. Ollie’s rock-inspired vocals are supported by a groovy bass and a punchy rhythm as the track progresses. Right from the start, the song is quite upbeat, filled with infectious melodies and melodic guitars.

She plays the bass when I play guitar / I’ll write a hook so she can sing along / We’ll dance to the beat and party so hard / She will not go home till she hits the charts

The catchy chorus tune fits in perfectly with the energetic instrumentation as Ollie continues to share his heartfelt story. Ollie follows a similar theme to that of “Skater Boy” by his celebrity crush Avril Lavigne. He sings about the young artist who embraces her lifestyle and dedicates her life to music. For all those of you listening to Ollie’s music for the first time, “Silk Dress” is a great track that showcases his intricate songwriting style; a top-notch composition!

“When I’m at my worst, yeah she’ll be there to lift the curse and / Take away the hurt, she’ll carry me to nirvana / I may not have the words to say exactly how I’m feeling / But honestly to me you’ll always be the light into my dark, my harmony”

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