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Sobak-Like Heaven's Wings
Sobak-Like Heaven's Wings
Sobak-Like Heaven's Wings

Sobak teases 80s rock vibes with his debut single, “Like Heaven’s Wings”

Sobak has the kind of song you’ll sing at karaokes, parties and other events if you have the excuse. He is a brilliant musician with some legends to follow-and his style speaks volumes. Bringing that elusive 80s rock people fell in love with, he releases his debut, which is already climbing streams. This is his single, Like Heaven’s Wings.

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A kickass melody to remember

You can feel the energy in the opening itself. It is reminiscent of the Bon Jovi, Whitesnake years. Each instrument is distinctly heard, thanks to some well crafted production. If you’re getting addicted to that chord progression, wait till it gets better. Sobak has vocals that would even give David Coverdale a run for his money. Raw, melodic and soaked with feel-it is a tip of the hat and a salute to the music that made him. No wonder,  he has been making music since he was 15-he conquers all the parts as though it was an improv set. The rising melody on the electric guitar almost gets welded to your brain. When the harmonics come in the second half of the song, it feels like you’re listening to a beautiful choir-all credits to Sobak’s creative writing. 

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This is just his debut, and he has set the world on fire with something so extraordinary. He’ll have rocket fuel quantity of work ready, so consider this a teaser you can get addicted to. Make sure you follow Sobak for more releases, and turn up the volume for this amazing single. Listen to it here:

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