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Madam Who? – Reclaim Your Power
Madam Who? – Reclaim Your Power

Madam Who? – Reclaim Your Power | Indie Treat

Reclaim Your Power is the latest album by indie pop rock artist Madam Who? Reclaim Your Power contains seven tracks of energetic and upbeat rock and pop. Madam Who? is influenced by artists like The Beatles, The B-52’s, Bjork, The Go-Go’s, Lady Gaga, and The Killers. This is an album that would push confidence into the listener toward life’s journeys. The music on the album is reminiscent of New Jack Swing and 90s pop, funk, and RnB music.

The album begins with the title track. Echoing snares and confident vocal delivery greet us on this. The chorus sets the tone for a groovy musical journey. The bass and drum beat on this is the rhythmic compass on this track. On this base, Madam Who? spins her lyrical and songwriting work. We hear hummable chants and some neat slap bass as well. The second track You Are Not Alone shifts the tone from anthemic to pop ballad. Vocals are well performed and Madam Who? spins some great compositional tales. We are treated to a chorus that is catchy along with well executed harmonies. Electric guitar leads and vocal effects well placed are the highlight on this one. Goddess In Our Midst begins with spirited vocals and some masking effects. Soon we are trated to a formidbale slap bass line and thundering guitars. The funky bassline is the musical treat on Goddess In Our Midst.

Acoustic guitar rhythms begin the fourth track Strange & Beautiful. The arrangement mostly is acoustic till we reach the climactic outro with roaring electric guitars and head popping drums. Clapping and a change in mood and groove is what we get in I Am Enough. Synth bass and a high tempo changes the vibe from rock to electro synth arrangements. The lyrics here are an affirmation of being satisfied in one’s abilities and self. We also get to hear some organ, electronic drums, and more retro electronic instrumentation. The penultimate track Good Without You reminds one of artists like Madonna, Jacket Jackson, and Prince. The album concludes with Sincerest Thank You which is a grand swan song, one which you can play while driving off into the sunset.

To Sincerest Thank You, we give our most earnest gratitude for a foot tapping rock and pop record. Bassist Emily Davies plays on the tracks Reclaim Your Power, Goddess In Our Midst, You Are Not Alone, and Something Good, with amazing groove and slap bass style. Pianos on Goddess In Our Midst by Dave Quillan are a welcome complement to the song. We hear guitars and other well arranged production aspects on the album. Guitars by Freddy Echiverri are proficiently well performed, along with Jonathan Chase’s apt backing vocals. Robert “Void” Caprio mixed and mastered the original version of Reclaim Your Power and mentored Madam Who for the mixing. We thank him for that as this is a well produced and engineered record. Madam Who has a knack to create hummable choruses which keep playing in your head. With her album Reclaim Your Power, she enables us to gain faith in our own abilities while humming her songs.

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