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Jineo – Find My Way | Uplifting/Feel-good

Paris-based producer Jineo recently came out with his first single of the year titled, “Find My Way”. He’s known for his electronica-infused pop/EDM tracks and has been actively putting out singles since 2016. His latest release is a feel-good pop track with catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, perfect for your beach or long-drive playlists! Jineo shares his introspective journey through “Find My Way” with optimistic lyricism and a relatable story.

The track begins with a catchy, warm-toned melody line that introduces a laid-back rhythm. “Why do I live in the past? / With all my little mistakes? / Why do I sabotage the good I create, and put myself in this hole?”. Right from the start, Jineo’s country music-inspired vocals take centre stage. He sings about overcoming obstacles that have come his way and how he’s grown stronger since. With easy-on-the-ears instrumentation and moving lyrics, Jineo creates a motivating atmosphere that is both comfortable and uplifting through this song.

As the track progresses, the vibrant guitars support his voice excellently, along with a bunch of ear candy that colours up the frequency spectrum. With smooth, effective transitions and great use of tension and release, it sure seems like Jineo knows how to keep his listeners engaged! “Find My Way” is quite different from his other releases; an amazing addition to his diverse discography. Additionally, the super-clean mix and intricate production make this track even more of a pleasure to listen to!

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