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Joey Grace | Biorobot | Ethereal Hi-Tech | Electronic
Joey Grace | Biorobot | Ethereal Hi-Tech | Electronic

Joey Grace – Biorobot | Ethereal Hi-Tech

Personally, I love a good intro to any track. It helps build the anticipation as well as displays the artists skill in sound design. An intro acts as a bridge between the listener and the producer. It can help create the overall mood of the track as well as introduce the listener to the world that is being created by the producer. ‘Biorobot’ has a pretty good and long intro that takes you along the hi-technological world that Joey Grace seems to create. If I could use a phrase to describe this track it would be “ethereal hi-tech music”.

Joey Grace is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Long Beach, California and she is an all-in-one powerhouse. She plays the keytar, synths and percussions while using a vocal effects machine to produce music live on the spot! An artist who is also a performer can make the crowd go crazy and is something I personally really appreciate. Being able to perform live gives the music that human touch and not robotic like a recorded version.

‘Biorobot’ is an ethereal hi-tech track that is living and breathing just as much as any biorobot. A marvel of science that just seems to permeate the listeners senses to make them move at Grace’s will. Hyponotic beats and some lush harmonies come together to create an amazing vibe in this banger of a track. The creative use of her vocals as leads and even as an atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. Her sound design is super intricate and out of the box while her arrangement is impeccable. Her arrangement is just amazing as the sounds sit in the right places and the direction of the track is so predictably unpredictable.

The track highlights Joey’s ability to manipulate voice and sounds to create amazing atmospheres and leads that just make her stand out in today’s world of stereotypical electronic dance music. The kick drum and percussion add a nice touch that makes you want to groove even while you’re just sitting on your chair!

Biorobot is nothing short of impressive and is also available as an NFT. How cool is that? Joey Grace is already living in the future and is sending us music from back there.

Check out the NFT here while you give her track a listen.

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