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Clinton N - circles | Mystical Electronic
Clinton N - circles | Mystical Electronic

Clinton N – circles | Mystical Electronic

Clinton N is an Ireland-based singer and songwriter who is known and loved for the versatile and heart-touching music that he creates. Even though there are many elements that Clinton is known to play with, he makes sure to stick to his natural flairs and bring nothing but the best to the table, for his listeners to enjoy. 

Clinton N recently released a song called circles which is a mystical electronic number, full of delicate surprises and interestingly fresh soundscapes. As soon as the song begins you feel transported into some mystical world that has magic brewing at every corner. The deep and sonically rich melodies that are electronically produced add a lot of charm to the song. The song begins with an interesting transcend into a realm of tranquility as the song bombards you with calming and sonically rich sounds. As if to envelope you in its circle of magic. Then the song goes on to slowly unravel itself in a beautiful way as the lyrics kick in, as softly as they could. The transitions in the song happen really slowly, each taking their time, and leaving you completely astonished with the sublime energy. You would love just how soulful the vocals are. Clinton does a fine job of making things a little more peaceful and artsy. 

The song is a must-listen for those who love slow and intricate numbers, that have a whole world in them for you to explore and relish.

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