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Carter Fox – Spring Wind
Carter Fox – Spring Wind

Carter Fox – Spring Wind | Thunder Fire

Philly native producer and bass knight Carter Fox promptly returns with his latest single in collaboration with Steve Honz titled Spring Wind, recorded live at Everloft Studios. Having shared the stage with soul and R&B legends, Fox has been ever present in the local live scene. This release of a new live version of Fox’s ‘Spring Wind’ from his Astronoical album was released to coincide with the Lunar Year.

The song features a rounded bass tone with virtuosic phrasing. Starry synths in the background form a stunning template. Here our lead voice constitutes the synths initially. After that, we are treated to a stunning but blending with the feel bass solo. The way the synth keys and bass play off each other is magical. The electronic beat which is simple and give ample scope for experimenting and improvising are apt.

A light, laid-back, trippy jazz-funk-rock fusion song, Spring Wind is characterized by a relaxed, groovy feel that incorporates elements of jazz, funk, and rock music. The song might feature a smooth rhythm section, with a funky bassline and a syncopated drumbeat. The song’s overall vibe would be easy-going and chill, with a trippy, psychedelic edge that adds a unique twist to the fusion of jazz, funk, and rock. The song might be perfect for background music while relaxing or working, but also enjoyable to listen actively with close attention to all the details that the different genres bring to the song.

Overall, Carter Fox and Steve continue to mesmerize with Spring Wind.

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