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East Point-Banyan Tree
East Point-Banyan Tree
East Point-Banyan Tree

East Point-Banyan Tree | Rock in roots

East Point know how to dabble in the heavy and melodic, like Collective Soul. Now only three songs in, they’ve created quite the momentum for what are rock melodies with pop sensibilities. Finding the sweet spot between what deserves a headbanging and what you can play on the stereo with family. This is their latest single, Banyan Tree.

With a warm, distorted tone on the guitar and a dictionary of rhythm to follow, East Point come in hot. Their song has a deep embedded rock rhythm to it, playfully moving corners from verse to chorus. The guitars and drums dominate, Ward Hancock and Rowan Dally bringing the goods. The riff heading the song is an interesting one, creates a kind of link for the same to continue-seeming like a sonic necklace of sorts. The vocals are given their all, chorus or verse-there is no compromise in the kind of sound you’ll hear. East Point then proceed to a heavier crescendo towards the end, a perfect closing for lyrical weight balanced with the instrumentals.

Their two other singles are Let Go and Violet. Inspired by real life events, their songs bring years of stage and recording experience. The transitions are experimental in some places, some are textbook tectonic shifts. Though there is an interesting proportion of the two, the group remembers to have fun and stay true to their musical roots with each single.

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