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Everything But The Everything – In Love… Again (feat. Golden Plates) | Dense Sonic Textures

Izzy The Gent of the Bay Area band “Everything But The Everything” has released a new song called “In Love… Again,” which features Golden Plates. The music’s momentum keeps us involved and the intensity rolling throughout the duration of the song. The relative modulations, especially after the verses, sounded fantastic to me and piqued my interest in digging further into the song. That part definitely grabs your attention and pulls you into the song. The lyrics depicts the inner agony of falling in love again, with the protagonist reflecting on his present relationship through the lens of his previous romances. The language is kept uncomplicated, and the situation is properly conveyed through the use of appropriate phrases.

Andrew Gomez (NRVS LVRS) on the Moog and Landon Cisneros (Spirit Mother, Zodiac Death Valley) on the drums heighten the band’s fundamental proclivities. In addition, studio producer Rex Shelverton produced and mixed the song (Bella Vista, Vue). The arrangement is heavily influenced by the Rock genre, and we also notice some great textures and rhythmic patterns in the synthesisers, all of which add to our excitement. The soundscape is really dense and complete, creating its own unique environment. We can clearly see each unique artist’s experiences engraved in the end outcome, which is incredibly astounding and motivating. The atmosphere is enthralling, and listeners will undoubtedly be drawn into the realm of these wonderful mystical moods.

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