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Data Love - Ghost Radio | Electronic 
Data Love - Ghost Radio | Electronic 

Data Love – Ghost Radio | Electronic 

Data Love is a band of two ardent artists who have served in the music industry for years as a DJ and are now creating independent magic. Their music is influenced by various genres and places but it has a major electronic inclination.

Data Love recently released a song called Ghost Radio which is an electronic number with various eccentricities that will make your day if you are an EDM fan. From vivid nuances, textured sounds, multiple elements of dance music, and extraordinary compatibility of all these elements, in turn, make this song a great number. You would fall in love with its quirks on the very first listen. 

A slightly peculiar riff that introduces the listeners to the song’s vibes does a perfect job of setting your mood for what’s to come. Even though the sounds can come off as surprising to most of the listeners because of their complexity and unconventionality, you still cannot expect what’s to come. If you are someone who is into groovy music that does its job well and yet sounds fresh, unique, and different, this is a song you must listen to. 

The song has a tint of spookiness to it and at one point you will feel like maneuvering into space. The spookiness doesn’t become so intense to a level that it will make you uncomfortable. Instead, it develops slowly and tension surely rises, only for things to become enjoyable and just the way one would prefer. 

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