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Luego - The Vortex
Luego - The Vortex

Luego – The Vortex

Taken from the album of the same name, The Vortex is a taste of what Luego has lined up for ya’ll in the album. So get ready to be engulfed in a vortex of self-reflection and itching need to blossom into yourself.

The track is incredibly reflective and motivating. Its lyrics equip us with the tools that will help us stay afloat and open to the possibilities of the endless sky. The unique and distinct quality of the vocals makes a strong first impression. With an unshakeable force, it enlivens us and sets us on the path of resolve and recovery. Warm acoustics spill into the track like sunrays and loosen the dark knots in the mind. “Stop holding so tight, to your own designs, when it’s letting go time.”

Agile and leaping synths flourish wondrously in the chorus, running with vocals to the blissful lands. Whirlpools of positivity and wisdom carve out a safe space in which we can face off our fears, and confront them with self-love and power. Synth harmonies swirl with hallowing grace, reminiscent of a rain sprinkles on a hot summer day.

The pop-rap in the bridge quickens the tempo before dilating into streams of rippling synths and glorious vocal harmonies that bring you to levity; glowing and growing into our potential and ourselves.

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