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Rainy Day Woman-Little Bird | Folk

Some tracks slow down time, whilst some have the ability to appreciate it. If Home was about songs of passion & melancholy, Rainy Day Woman, from Exmouth, UK embrace the wild with fresh eyes and a fresher approach with their new track. Little Bird on a washing line/Sing a song for that girl of mine. Simple & elegant.

Weaving the rich tapestry of acoustic flourishes and simple vocals and lyrics as seen in their 2018 album Gallows Green, Rainy Day Woman turn to experiment. This spectacular track uses violin and bass to create a magic carpet that floats through space & time.

The weeping violin is reflected by vocalist Hannah Pawson’s vocals with perfection. Gabriel Wynne’s acoustics thread through the song effortlessly. Adding a banjo supplements the uplifting rhythm. Deft production from Ru Lemer enables the song to harness a season within a melody.

Hearing this composition during a tempest of sorts seems to push the clouds away, which is a shift from the themes of pub culture & desire from their prior album. The onset of spring, the incense of bloom are the nuclear motif. The simplicity of lyrics are reflective of the raw genius of Bob Dylan.

Pawson & Wynne use the effect left by time to curate instruments in harmony. The song might only touch the 4 minute mark, yet leaves waves of boundless joy in the listener’s psyche.

Little Bird seems like an eclogue to a world of balance- the happiness of little things to wash away the glum. This track is the clerestory for your house where you are confined. The mind will forever search for answers. As you stare out of your cage for now, hear the flutter of the little bird that did escape.

Listen to the track below:

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