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Kejcz – Set Me Free
Kejcz – Set Me Free

Kejcz – Set Me Free | Dance Euphoria

Set Me Free by Kejcz is an amazing musical journey of low range, obscure electronic and electronic pop. The dance aura created by the thundering bass lines, powerful beats, and intricate production elements is simply mesmerizing. The good use of timbres for harmony and powerful chorus for headbanging to electronic laced heavy dance pop makes for a great blend of EDM, dance pop, progressive house, and dubstep. The vocals by Basia Kolasa, with help from backing vocalist Sequelachi, are soaring and masterfully delivered, making for a truly captivating experience.

37 year old Polish artist Julian Sojka, aka Kejcz, is a cinematographer who has studied under popular composer Henryk Kuzniak and has been influenced by filmmakers such as the Polish Krzysztof Kieślowski and Russian Andrei Tarkovsky. This influence is evident in Set Me Free, as the song has a cinematic atmosphere and energy that will surely leave you feeling uplifted and energized.

This electrifying EDM dance-pop track is characterized by its thumping beat, infectious melodies, and pulsating synths. With its soaring build-ups and explosive drops, it’s a masterful example of progressive house music, blending seamlessly with elements of dubstep. The combination of heavy basslines and shimmering arpeggios creates a dynamic soundscape that’s both energetic and emotive, sure to get the crowd moving on the dancefloor.

Set Me Free by Kejcz is a fantastic song that will have you dancing to its beat. The combination of low range, obscure electronic and electro pop with powerful beats, intricate production elements and soaring vocals makes for an incredible musical experience.

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