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Joris Bon-Eclipse
Joris Bon-Eclipse
Joris Bon-Eclipse

Joris Bon presents piano perfection with his single, “Eclipse”

Joris Bon impacts us with some wonderfully blended genres of music. To connect between these instrumentals and digital universe- a spine of spectacular melody must exist. Taking worlds that have existed separately and merging it to create a gem isn’t easy. When you listen to him, it would never feel like that. This is his latest single, Eclipse

This song is a luscious, explorative balance of piano melody with an electronic interweave. The lead melody and chord structure is unique. Just like the rich image of an eclipse, there is a lot shrouded in mystery. The beats get deeper, the layers with wider spectrums to include. There is an echo of what stands to be the lead melody. If you are observant enough, you will be able to hum it around the second time. It is a powerful beat, and a special style that is completely Joris Bon and his musical expertise. There are darker, softer notes that help you meditate towards the outro of the track. It shows how well he can construct this image that so intrigues him. As a musician, he is diving through sections to find the gold. The result is as astonishing as the process. 

His other single, Dans le silence de la pluie is something audiences have really connected with. As he forges his own path in this musical realm, you have to watch out for his unique compositions. Each has a tone and flavour that suits the experience, and is exciting to listen to. Follow Joris Bon for more exciting, envelope pushing tracks like this:

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