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Lee Miller Matsos – The Only One | Relaxed

A string of well-written lyrics with a relaxed, easygoing beat delivered with heartfelt vocals maketh a good song. When you listen to “The Only One” by Lee Miller Matsos, you are instantly blessed with that very combination that, in the right proportion, takes a song from good enough to great. Keep reading to know what I have to say about this release by Lee Miller Matsos.

Lee Miller Matsos is a former opera and musical theater performer turned pop artist. His musical style is influenced by U2, Coldplay, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, and many others. His musical style and diversity in his background shines through crystal clear on his latest record, “The Only One”. With influences ranging from classic rock to soul, to a little bit of RnB (?) evident across the writing for this song, it makes for a delectable listen for when you’re in the mood to explore beyond that one genre you consider biblical to your music tastes.

There is charm here, plenty of it on offer. The song flows effortlessly, with elements of emotive delivery shining through bright as day, and all executed well– and wrapped up together in a bunch that makes for more than just a palatable listen. The production deserves just as much praise as the songwriting does, in my opinion. The ensemble is not overly done, nor does it feel scant– with the right kind of instrumentation energy taking the stage at the right times.

This song brought about a train of nice thoughts, and led me down a trope of creativity that I quite enjoyed listening to. To say that this song deserves a listen (or a hundred) would be to understate it. Check out the song here!

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