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Reue – Always Late | Progressive Art

From roots in Austin, TX, Ethan Reue is an up-and-coming electronic music producer who mainly dabbles in the progressive house scene. As a big fan of the genre myself– having listened to it for a decade-plus, I have learned to appreciate the smallest of nuances and the tiniest evolutionary changes that the genre has personified over the years. “Always Late” by Reue took me back to the grimy (in a good way) days of acid house, with a sprinkle of techno and a swig of progressive thrown in for good measure.

From the first four bars with groovy percussion that set the crowd going to the swooping bassline that slowly introduces itself to the nice heavy 303 playing a periodic arpeggio, this song has one of the smoothest starts I’ve listened to. It immediately got my pulse up, with anticipation of what was to come next– with an appreciation for what was going on in my ears right that second– the definition of a good progressive number.

As the main melody introduced itself, my headphones lent their soul to positively subwoofer-rattling bass, as the elements blossomed around it; still maintaining that groove on a dime, mind you; and the song just keeps organically evolving throughout its duration– and this is something I thoroughly enjoyed. As is to be expected of progressive house’s characteristically long runtimes in the era of two-minute bangers, it is refreshing to see that this track keeps you pumped and enthused for the next 4 bars, the next 8 or 16 too for that matter.

Technically, this track sounds solid– and takes me back, as I may have previously alluded to. This is rockin’ good old-house prog, and in 2022, a refreshing twist makes this a track that I found myself regularly hitting on my runs, which only edged me on for that extra mile. Solid good stuff.

I would groove to this for hours– and something tells me you would, too. Check Always Late by Reue out here!

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