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Jeremy Parsons – Tickin’ | Trip to the Unknown

Jeremy Parsons was born in San Antonio, Texas and is currently based in his homeland. He is known for music that touches soul. His fans might describe his music as food for the soul. His discography is a whole bag of innovations. He will surely make you fall in love with his vivid musical skills and musical skills and vocals that digs deep into the hearts. He beautifully uses music to deliver feelings that are so complex yet expressed by him with ease. He is the magician who spins emotions in the form of music.

“Jeremy Parsons is one of those artists who can make you cry and shed tears of joy at the same time!”

I recently came across one of his latest releases which is named Tickin’ which is one of his best works yet. The track starts off with a subtle vibe and slowly graduates to become heavier. The melodies are so ecstatically hypnotic that you will be enchanted. The vocals are a perfect compliment to the on-point music that weaves the whole vibe of the track. The guitars are beautifully layered and structured to give this track an amazing depth. The vocals and the music flow like a river with little ripples of surprising musical elements. This is a track that truly has the potential to break the charts and I have a strong feeling that this artist is going to make it big real soon! You should give this track a go and trust me you will become a fan of this artist like I did.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track here-

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