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Birdeatsbaby - Illuminate
Birdeatsbaby - Illuminate

Birdeatsbaby – Illuminate | A Severe Delight

The dark progressive band from Brighton, UK, Birdeatsbaby has released yet another mesmerizing blend of occult music, Illuminate. Harnessing darkness with hard rock and adorning it with freaky weaves of melodies and vocals, the song is phenomenal.

With a dark and mysterious canvas made up of emotive cello basslines, faint guitar crawls, and beats, the song stretches on eerily. The sweet vocals carry an ancient woe, that leaks out like black tears from the soundscape. It is hauntingly melodious as it snakes around the heart, arousing memories of sinister passion and darkening innocence.

This impactful weave that band has put together is truly astounding to behold. All the sounds, forefront melodies, and background flourishes, in combination with the vocals, enliven the song. You can taste it and feel it fill you up with a supernatural sensation. It drips with dark purity, gleaming like a diamond under the full moon sky.

Dragging hard rock riffs tethers the levitating track to an unending tragedy in the chorus. The obsidian obsession and intensity unfurls with a purpose and force that is unstoppable. Its enchanting horror mystique is so beguiling that you can’t help but lose yourself in it and watch it open up and blossom.

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