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Christen Cooper – That Kind Of Guy

Christen Cooper is a singer-songwriter raised in the Rocky Mountains. She joined her first band at the age of 10 and eventually became the group’s lead singer.  Over the years, Christen developed such an interest in music that she started songwriting.  She was involved in numerous music and singing groups in school.  Her first professional job was playing a gig at the Grand America Hotel performing at the Tea Room. She has been on the Nashville Songwriters Association’s International “Ones to Watch” and “Recommended for Publishers Luncheon” lists.  Christen has written over 300 songs till date and still counting.

Her latest release is ‘That Kind Of Guy’, which perfectly portrays her skills. Her songs are full of musical elements complimented by her crystal clear vocals. The song has a peculiar ring to it. The way Christen fuses country music elements with southern rock in ‘That Kind Of Guy’ is amazing. The way Christen Cooper weaves this magical piece makes your legs tap to the beat automatically. The chorus is addictive and stays on your mind for days. The music is perfectly engineered and vocals are super-smooth resulting in a perfectly balanced song. The song is beautifully composed and written with even more beauty. The depth of the lyrics and music combined with such charm is what makes ‘That Kind Of Guy’ a special release.

The track is a must listen if you are into southern rock or country-pop music.

Listen to ‘That Kind Of Guy’

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