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The M9 Project
The M9 Project

Rasar Amani & Styles 1001 – The M9 Project

Rasar Amani & Styles 1001 have recently dropped an album unveiling their collaborative music project named M9. Rasar Amani is the MC/Rapper and Styles 1001 is the producer of this project. They are innovative in their crafts and when they both came together, it seems like an effing nuclear bomb. The supreme duo will surely be breaking the charts soon and ain’t nothing stopping them!

These amazing artists did a great job with this release which is a complete album for their debut and it is named The M9 Project. Both these artists have played their roles so well that there is not a point in the album where it feels like one has overshadowed the other. Both these artists complement each other’s craft so well that it will surely blow your minds away. Their innovative approach toward music is what makes this duo so special. They have created profound vibes through their every track which is bewitching. The way this album starts and is carried just melts my heart away.

The album starts off with the track One of these days which is the intro to the album and my personal favorite track. The track projects some strong flows, lyrics, and harmonies. The music is so well-structured that it will blow your mind away. There are points in this track where there were profound pictures painted by the artist through lyrics and music.

The next two tracks on the album are named King and 2 Point 2 which are both really powerful tracks and one of the best ways to continue the energy of the first track. The drums are so beautifully designed that it made me lose my mind. The rhymes are complex yet touching. This pair is a perfect example of ill lyricism and complex production.

The next track on the list is Mellow Nine which is a great track. This track switches up the vibe in a mellow way as the name suggests. The track is really intense and written with beauty. The instrumental touched my heart. Great track with some amazing vocal chops and lyrics so good that it will surely make you think deeply about some things that you didn’t even know existed.

This amazing track is followed by a skit called M9 Manifest which is a little conversation that I leave for you to explore.

The next track on the album is named Save the way which is the only track with features. The track features 2 amazing artists, 5th Ave and Poor Majesty. This is the track that adds that extra sauce to the album. Surely one of the best tracks on the album!

Save the way is followed by Need To Know and Seven which are some amusing tracks that act as a bridge toward the outro. These tracks are packed with some complex melodies and feel soo deep that you will find yourself lost. This pair is followed by Walk with you which is one of the most musically strong tracks. The track includes some jazz elements that are beautifully fused into the track.

The last track on the album is Thank you which is an amazing track that packs some unique innovations. The track has screeches, melodies, and vocals that are deep. All these elements are intertwined with perfection. This is surely the best track to wrap up the album. This is followed by the final skit which is named Convo.

This is surely an album that deserves allot of appreciation and recognition throughout the world. The artists have displayed some powerful skills in this album and that is what will take the a step ahead of others. Do give this album a go and trust me you will love it!

You can catch a little glimpse of the album here-

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