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Super Saiyan Jay – Keep It Direct | Takeover

Super Saiyan Jay is a Florida based Rapper/Hip-Hop artist who is packing all the heat in his songs and keeping it real through his tracks. Super Saiyan Jay has released a total of 4 singles and an EP which are all great to listen to if you like his vibe. His music highly motivates me and is one of the best artist putting out tracks out there. His flows are innovative every time and his flow switches are phenomenal. I recently discovered his latest release ‘Keep it Direct’ a day ago and have not listened to another artist since then. His tracks are playing on repeat on my speakers. CAUTION-‘His tracks are highly addictive!’

‘Keep It Direct’ is his latest release that I can claim without a finch that this song is taking this rapper places. The song starts off with really catchy melody and then the crystal clear vocals kick in. The catchy and addictive. ‘Keep it direct’ is full of saucy flows and on point lyrics. It is a perfect representation of how tight flows could go with such heavy lyricism. The drum rolls sound fresh out of the oven and nothing like the mainstream hip hop drums. I just love the way his lyrics blends right into the music sounding like an instrument playing in perfect harmony. This is a song i suggest everyone who loves hip-hop should listen to. Missing out on this one is like sleeping on top of a goldmine. I highly recommend this song and it is surely going into my rap playlist.

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