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Nicco Homaili – 666 | Fiery Bars

Nicco Homaili, a young artist who weaves music that revolves back and forth between reality and fantasy. Each of his song is like a message for the listeners and there is always something for everyone in each of his songs. Also, being a professional architect, Nicco’s compositions of his music are like a true architectural realm that evokes one’s self realizations and getting something out of it. His music is an eye-opener for many, including myself. His music is something that will make you go into a self-induced trance if you listen to it in solitude. His lyrics can be broken down at a micro level and yet have deep and strong meanings within them. He doesn’t only writes these powerful lyrics but also bewitches the listener through his remarkable production.

Nicco’s latest release, ‘666’ is one of his masterpieces and something I recommend everyone to listen at least one in his/her lifetime. The music perfectly carries his deep, touching lyrics. The song slowly progresses into an illusion making you lucid by the end. The smooth vocal texture and Nicco’s annunciation makes the track more efficacious. Each beat is perfectly structured to induce just the right amount of effect on the listener. The melodies are addictive and leave a mark in your head. The song has some really strong musical elements that acts as a pillar to the song. The chorus is catchy and deep which makes this song something that I will be humming while doing anything for days. The drum-rolls are a perfect example of how hand-in-hand melodies and drums can go. This is a must listen if you like to think about deep stuff and contemplate existence itself,. This might be an eye-opener for you too.

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