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Adub Nati – C.N.N. (Correction Needed Now)

Adub Nati is the stage name of an American songwriter/ rapper named Alrick L.J. Warner who raps for a cause with a purpose. Raised in a West Indian immigrant family, he took birth in Houston, Texas and was raised in several neighborhoods throughout Cincinnati, Ohio. Adub Nati attended and graduated from Princeton High School in Cincinnati. He could deeply relate to the rappers as a boy and this is what ignited a flame inside him. Kindling his flame for hip-hop, he made his debut with ‘No Plan B (Tha Mix Tape) in 2015. His music is torch for his listeners including myself. The way he puts up his points is remarkably persuasive in a good way.

I recently came across one of the best albums of all time which is named ‘C.N.N. (Correction Needed Now)’ by Adub Nati. The album is a masterpiece which includes all aspects of life in a new perspective. I could go on rambling about this album, but I will try to keep it short and let you find out about it on your own. This is an album you won’t regret wasting time on. This is one of those albums which you could at least listen to couple of times before you get bored.

The Album starts of with the intro of the album named ‘Uh Oh’ which is full of surprising musical elements and crazy lyricism. This track is so old school that it will surely send you back into the golden days when rap was more legible and sensible than just mumbling. The track has several innovative flows which provide the track with a next level energy.

The second track on the album is ‘Death By Jew’ which is one of the most powerful tracks of the album. The track will surely run chills down your spine. The way this track is structured just blows my mind away every single time. The way this artist paints pictures through his lyrics is more than just beautiful.

The next two tracks, ‘Strange’ and ‘Alleviate From Mind’ are a perfect pair for the album. These tracks project the elite lyricism and the deep musicality of the artist in the best way possible. These tracks will surely make you question your life, past, present, and the future. Both these tracks have a deep message that needs to be delivered to the masses.

The next track on the album is ‘Ignorance Sells’ which is an eye opener that most of us need. The way this artist preaches over beats is weirdly hypnotic. The track exhibits some complex points broken down to be easily digested by the masses.

The next two tracks act as a bridge towards the outro yet are impressively powerful. These two tracks are named ‘Dear Tyler Perry’ and ‘He Deserves It’. Both these tracks are ecstatically innovative. These tracks will surely change your perspective for a lot of things.

The last track on ‘C.N.N. (Correction Needed Now)’ is ‘Move Ya Body’ which is one of the best ways to end this masterpiece. This track will surely make you move. Do give this track a listen. The chorus is addictive and sticks to your head like gum right off the bat.

Listen to C.N.N. (Correction Needed Now) by Adub Nati-

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