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Nick Noon – Bring Out the Sunshine |Electrifying
Nick Noon – Bring Out the Sunshine |Electrifying

Nick Noon – Bring Out the Sunshine |Electrifying 

Nick Noon is an ardent singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and multi-genre artist. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Nick has been intrigued by music since childhood. He is now an established musician having audiences and fans all over the world. Nick has a very unique style of music that can be described as a blend of genius lyric writing and mind-blowing rock/pop music. He is majorly influenced by some legendary songwriters like Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, and Woody Guthrie. 

Nick Noon has written hundreds of songs over the years and has mastered the art of songwriting. He has released many of these well-crafted songs in a couple of years and is back with yet another masterpiece called “Bring Out the Sunshine”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a cinematic setting with cellos, pads, and organs. After four bars of intro, the acoustic guitar kicks in with vocals and bass. The vocals of Nick sound so subtle and sweet and the melody gives a lot of 90s vibes. With backing vocals and drum roll, the chorus kicks in with a lot of power that lifts up the song. The chorus is having an amazing hook in the melody and has an interesting chord progression. An instrumental part that features a choir with organs, pads, and drums acts as a bridge that connects the verses. A rocking guitar solo comes in after the second chorus with top-notch cinematic music backing it. The bridge section is very differentiating that includes the same hook as the chorus with no music but just claps making the song such a fun ride for the listeners. The song ends in the same fashion and with full power with all instruments making it a treat for the listeners. 

Nick Noon is a phenomenal artist that has a lot of potential and talent. His music can be described as legendary and very complex. “Bring Out the Sunshine” is a song you must listen to and praise. 

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