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Rich Chambers-It's Christmas Time
Rich Chambers-It's Christmas Time
Rich Chambers-It's Christmas Time

Rich Chambers-It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World) | In soul and spirit

Rich Chambers is a certified feel good rockstar. His song senses range from blues to rock n roll. I was introduced to him through his single, Summer Looks so Good On You. Since then, he’s made a solid catalogue of fresh, groovy and eclectic music. This is his latest single, It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World).

There are many ways to bring in the holiday season, get in the mood. Rich Chambers does it with the music, and we do it with the celebration. The lucky confluence is that we get to hear what he’s made for us. With a Tom Petty styled vocal performance, Rich Chambers brings the spirit to your door. The jingle and jangle of the instrumental tones are crucial in representing the holiday atmosphere. These verse and chorus sections, so perfectly arranged, would make even the man in red and white dance. The instrumental section is especially an interesting and memorable one. Post the 2:30 mark, we look at this natural reset to really bungee jump into the sound.

Now you can find Rich Chambers in several playlists, from indie rock to holiday specials. His sound is one that unites, that reminds us of sound composition skills. Devoid of flashy signs and flares, his music brings people together in the best way possible, united by melodies of mirth. Now listen to his fun single here and get into the Christmas vibe with Rich Chambers!:

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