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See Your Shadow Songwriting – Crazy Things Like That |
See Your Shadow Songwriting – Crazy Things Like That |

See Your Shadow Songwriting – Crazy Things Like That | 

See Your Shadow Songwriting is an ambitious project run by an Artistic Director, Michael Coleman. Michael is also known as “The Metropolitan Cowboy” and is a songwriter, photographer, Filmmaker, writer, and producer. See Your Shadow Songwriting is a project that is led by Michael Coleman and works with some most talented vocalists and musicians. He is an ardent songwriter that creatively writes lyrics that reflects a lot of emotions and imagination and a song producer who mixes genres like hip-hop with country and western. 

See Your Shadow Songwriting has released a lot of songs over the years and has charted top ranks on iTunes many times. Michael is back with yet another masterpiece called “Crazy Things Like That”. Let’s talk about the songs and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with two acoustic guitars, one on rhythm and the other on lead. A soft strum plays a major chord followed by a fast lead that shapes the melody. Soon a drum roll, along with bass, rhythm guitar, and drum beat, kick in the intro. The song is fast-paced and groovy and has a major country/rock song vibe. Soon the vocals enter with a lot of power and rawness that just sounds incredible. The pre-chorus is when the song softens the drum beat only to give us a grand chorus part. The chorus hits with an organ-style pad, electric guitar, and top-notch vocals. The song follows the same pattern in its entirety with the last chorus section changed and is just on a piano and vocals. 

“Crazy Things Like That” is a wonderful song and is about a girl and all the fun things she likes to do. See Your Shadow Songwriting has made a phenomenal song and is highly recommended to listen to it. 

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