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Cara Doc – Parole | Groovy and Bluesy 
Cara Doc – Parole | Groovy and Bluesy 

Cara Doc – Parole | Groovy and Bluesy 

Cara Doc is a new and passionate singer/songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist from the north coast of Northern Ireland. She is making her debut on Spotify with her song called “Parole”. It’s her first-ever song that has been released on a streaming platform. Her debut album was recorded and co-produced by the renowned engineer and musician “Michael Mormecha” and the legendary guitarist ‘John Doherty’. “Ode to the Oversoul” is a collection of songs showcasing the theme of exploring and questioning spirituality. 

Cara Doc’s debut “Parole” is an amazing song with such fine detailing of music. It has got a very vintage and folky vibe, that sound supremely modern. 

Talking about the song in detail. The song starts with a small riff on the electric guitar with some tremolo effect followed by acoustic guitar. The intro has a nice country feel. Soon begins the beautiful vocals of Cara, she has got a very sweet tone to her voice and an amazing airy technique of singing. The spaces left in the song are filled with drums and bass. The song is phenomenally produced, the panning and double-layered vocals, the guitar tone, the organs, and the drums sound perfect every other detail is so fine. The most fun part of the song is the chorus and the music after it. It sounds so groovy and bluesy, this little piece in the song justifies the mastery of Cara and the producers. 

“Parole” is a song that can give Cara Doc her dream debut. She is a terrific artist and it can be seen by her work on Parole. A song that has a lot of musicality and is super fun to listen to, you simply cannot miss to go stream it. 

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