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The Mars McClanes – Day is Done | Cheerful
The Mars McClanes – Day is Done | Cheerful

The Mars McClanes – Day is Done | Cheerful

The Mars McClanes is a band from Dallas, Texas. They started their journey in 2001 with members like “Brian Corley” as a vocalist, “Russ Chapman” as a guitarist, and “Paul Constantine” as the drummer. The band was doing pretty well and was in a self-exploration stage. Everything was good but about that time 9/11 happened and Russ left and joined the military, Constantine said. After a break of almost 20 years, they resurfaced in 2020 with their traditional love-gone-wrong lyrics and the classic 2000s pop.

“The Mars MacClanes” has released several of their original work after their comeback. Their most recent release is a single called “Day is Done”. It is a very classic-sounding, lovey-dovey song.

Now talking about the song detail. “Day is Done” starts with a mellow riff on an acoustic guitar that has a lot of layers. Soon a large heavy bass kicks in that sound so soothing. An echoed vocal gives the way for the drums to enter with a slide on bass. The drum beat is so interesting and it matches the feel of pop and RnB songs from the 80s-90s. A synthesizer follows up a loose attack sort of pattern throughout the song. Soon the vocals kick in with a lot of power. “Day is Done” become so groovy after everything is added up. The acoustic riff and the drums carry the melody till the end. There are a lot of smaller details that cannot go unnoticed, like the vocal harmony and a subtle drop in the middle of the song. “Day is Done” is a perfect vacation song. 

“The Mars MacClanes” is a wonderful band that is full of creativity and passion. Their song can take the Millennials to a memory lane. 

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