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Greg Herzenach – Music for Headphones | Soothing
Greg Herzenach – Music for Headphones | Soothing

Greg Herzenach – Music for Headphones | Soothing 

Greg Herzenach is an ardent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician. Greg is very passionate about his music and is an amazing storyteller. His songs contain a storyline with creative lyrics and unique composition. Greg’s music can be described as soft and mellow folk music with hints of country and rock. 

Greg Herzenach has just released a full-length album in 2021, that has some amazing songs and is dubbed “Music for Headphones”. The album has 9 songs with a run time of about 25 minutes. The album has a quiet, peaceful vibe and very simple cover art. Let’s talk about some songs and their ingredients from the album in detail. 

The first song is called “Day” a very deep and meaningful song. The song starts with an eerie-sounding pad that holds onto a note. An acoustic guitar gently comes in with an unusual chord progression. Soon vocals of Greg begin with lots of layers and doubles panned on both the right and left side. With a very interesting melody, the song progresses followed by the entry of the piano. The chorus has a change of vibe with harmonies coming in and elements of jazz on guitar are kind of a surprise. The song is very complex and not easy to understand at the first listen. It grows on you after listening to it several times.

Another song beautiful song in the album is called “A Simple Way”. The song has a very classic feel with an acoustic feel and it has even got a good number of streams on Spotify. The song starts with an acoustic guitar and is followed by vocals instantly. The vocals have the same setting as other songs, with multiple layers and doubles, it seems like a signature move of Greg. The feel changes in the chorus with more instruments coming in, lifting it up and making it sound richer. “A Simple Way” has a very basic arrangement of instruments and vocals but undoubtedly has a very melodic approach. It is a perfect song to sleep to. 

Greg Herzenach is an amazing artist and his simplicity that defines his music and gives it a unique touch. “Music for Headphones” is a beautiful album with so many good songs to listen to. It is highly recommended to stream the album once. 

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