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Miles Grindey - Funk Right Off (Major C)
Miles Grindey - Funk Right Off (Major C)

Miles Grindey – Funk Right Off (Major C)

Funk Right Off by Miles Grindey is a song made by four friends coming together to jam. Were they on something? I can’t say. But you don’t just get out of your comfort zone to create something so unique unless something has gotten into you.

Funk Right Off is more jazz than funk to me, but it sure sounds like a lovechild of the two. The funk is in Major C, and the vibes are major fun. There’s drums, there’s a sexy, sexy saxophone, and keys that keep it all tight and clean together. However, each of them shines at a distinct moment of the song. And its the little things that make it: like the cymbal work with the sax, or the electric guitar being reverbed such that it blends into the keyboard work.

Miles Grindey is a Brit who went the jazzy route instead of Rock. He’s been a guitarist since he was nine years old, and dare I say – he keeps getting better. He’s been in a band, he’s done solo gigs, he’s toured to the States. To top it off, he worked on his second album during the lockdown, and he’s got great music lined up.

Funk Right Off (Major C) puts you in that trippy happy mood from the first beat. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed it so much on a rainy day when the power went out and there was nothing to do. Maybe you can tune in when you need a little pep-check too?

Listen to Miles Grindey – Funk Right Off (Major C) [feat. Cam Lynn, Adam Wolfe & Nick Willsher] here:

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