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Millie Blooms – Bounce Ya Necks | Shoutout To The Women Of The World

Bounce Ya Necks is the latest single from Millie Blooms, and the UK-based artist is once again unhinged with her lyrics and experimental with her sound. Bounce Ya Necks is a song to reclaim the spaces women have been denied. At the same time, it does not shy away from addressing the hard truths – that women get paid far less, have to settle for a lifetime of mediocre sex, and are constantly unimpressed with the male gaze.

Millie Blooms is not simply a musician or producer, she is a musical artist who explores the subliminal, the modern, and the fractured. Her ability to combine a verbal lens with a sonic energy that complement each other is what makes Bounce Ya Necks a straight smash. Not only does the song exercise your attention with hard-hitting lyrics, the production keeps you moving.

Millie Blooms’ music identifies with a sense of challenge and subversion of the status-quo. She is unapologetic and unafraid to push the boundaries of what is comfortable – for her and the listeners. Further, she has produced compositions for herself and other artists across a wide range of genres. This gives her a fluidity that creates a all encompassing experience. 

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