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Stellar - Daredevil
Stellar - Daredevil

Stellar – Daredevil

Daredevil by Stellar is a Dark Pop number with a kickass beat and lyrics that have to get anyone grooving! The song has strong influences from Hip Hop and R&B. However, it is also quite contemporary with the use of Trap beats. The number also makes the most of the electronic production which makes it very dance-able. The young, hoarse vocals with an RnB style delivery from Stellar are very refreshing on a song like this one.

Stellar hails from Massachusetts, and has been actively making noise in the indie music scene since 2019. His first release was his mixtape Bipolar. And almost a year later he started pumping out party singles, each better than the last one! He enjoys pop music which helps him find a comfortable middle ground for his own music. His music has an honest, unafraid quality where he gets into the personal with ease.

The song Daredevil is a sexy ode to himself, where Stellar compares himself to a daredevil. He is after a woman who is intoxicatingly attractive. If he keeps chasing after her he is headed straight to hell, but he seems to fears nothing. He needs an antidote after the lethal dose of her pheromone-charged presence. It’s clearly not good for his health and he is making bad decisions already. But it doesn’t look like he’s going to go any other way from here!

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