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Mia Mormino - Building Blocks
Mia Mormino - Building Blocks

Mia Mormino – Building Blocks | Haunting

Building Blocks from Mia Mormino is a morbidly catchy song, both for its lyrics and for the music. The song starts out with piano keys and the singer’s soulful vocals, reminding you of Billie Eilish. But it doesn’t take very long for the lyrics to reveal that the themes here are very different. On this track, Mia Mormino sings about being buried in the ground. Yet her confidence, her will to fight, and her uninhibited personality are at their peak. She finds the bugs to be her company. And as she absorbs nutrients from the soil, she only gets stronger. Looking at the pale, full moon, she prays every night to not be found. She is content in this lonerism.

The song Building Blocks, with its deep melody, reflects the tempest under the surface. Mia Mormino is a Los Angeles, California-based artist, but her sound is a very unique niche, far from bubblegum pop. She is constantly playing with genres to incorporate elements in her music. It is this profound desire to create something new with every track that sets her apart from others. Further, the rising pop sensation credits artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and many more with inspiring her. The song Building Blocks and the rest of her music shares an unafraid quality with these icons. In this way, she establishes herself as a creator and not a follower – something that truly changes the course of pop music.

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