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LEADR - I’m Alright
LEADR - I’m Alright

LEADR – I’m Alright

I’m Alright is a very personal track from promising indie artist LEADR. Otherwise known as Alexander Tang, LEADR’s music has this very intimate quality.  Based out of LA now, he grew up queer in the ’90s in New Jersey to traditional Vietnamese parents. His art is a clear reflection of his experiences. His sound is very dreamy-pop, and his narrative is always incredibly positive, self-loving, and mature.

I’m Alright is clearly a response to the unhealthy environment that LEADR had to grow up in. As an adult, his response isn’t emotional or lashing out. Instead, he is calm and collected in his words and sound: he is alright

He does not shy away from admitting the trauma that haunts him. From time to time he is reminded of the mistreatment and the discouragement that followed him around. And now he has come to realize that he cannot live in the fear forever. He also admits that what felt like the lowest point in his life couldn’t end him. This can only mean that he is meant to thrive.

Now that LEADR wholly embraces his inner fairy, it is no surprise that he receives accolades from all. His songs ‘Waves’ and ‘11:11’ have received much recognition and appreciation. His cover of ‘Imagine’ with his friends was shared by The Beatles because they loved it so much.  LEADR is an iconic musical personality, and his positive impact on the listeners of today is a necessity. I’m Alright is emotive and expressive, and offers an artistic insight into the lives of those who suffer at the hands of society’s unwarranted judgment.

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