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Blair Djuna – Beautiful
Blair Djuna – Beautiful

Blair Djuna – Beautiful | Self-doubt

Beautiful is Blair Djuna’s pop single that explores self doubt and apprehension. The Australian artist has his unique take on pop, a combination of uniquely inspiring sounds. He credits Harry Styles, The Weeknd, and fellow Aussie Troye Sivan as his influences. Active since 2012, the man behind the stage name Blair Djuna is Derrick Attwood. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and has been writing his music since he was sixteen.

His song “Beautiful” is a personal and profound one. 

The artist is grappling with a state of uncertainty – he is not sure who he is. Tired, and in need of inspiration, he has seen lovers turn into strangers. And while he is hurt and rebuilding himself, he knows nothing gets better by going back to what hurt you. He stares at his reflection, wondering how he could be beautiful if he could not keep the ones he fell in love with. And somewhere, he knows it stems from the fact that he has failed to love himself wholeheartedly.

The song opens with a melancholic set of keys that complement the honest, unconcealed feelings. The production is unhindering to the core of the song, which is very much reliant on the piano base. The deliberate use of lyrics across the verses and chorus helps the gentle rhythm hook the listener further.

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