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Lucky Number You - Aftercare | Fun and Retro
Lucky Number You - Aftercare | Fun and Retro

Lucky Number You – Aftercare | Fun and Retro

Lucky Number You is a band of three youthful and ardent artists who create music together that’s true to their style. Since the beginning of their journey, their music has been a reflection of them as artists, and perhaps as humans too. The energy and ingenuity that they bring to the table with their songs reflect much more than their talent itself. This time, they have released a lively album that radiates joy more than anything else. The album Aftercare is not just fun and retro but will give you some worthwhile moments of sheer joy that you experience when you stumble upon good music. 

Aftercare’s first track, Clown World Rises is a single they released prior to the release of the album. Clown World Rises makes quite a great first impression. Simply because the track is one of the most distinct and enjoyable tracks in the album, makes it a good song to listen to before delving into the art that this album is. This song has a nice beat to it, a lively tune, a great rhythm, and more importantly, the quality of lingering. It is catchy in a way and has a tendency to linger in your head for quite some time. With great execution, this song does exactly what it should; make you feel blissful. 

The album aftercare is an album that you would want to unravel slowly. As each track is heavily nuanced with retro-pop elements of the 80s and the 90s, there is actually so much to seek joy from. Those who are a fan of retro tunes would actually devour this album for its authenticity and greatness. That being said, we must know that even though the songs have a retro undertone, they are equally contemporary. And that’s what makes the songs so relevant. Perhaps music that’s entirely antique garners love from only a set of people. But the music that has contemporary elements and keeps in mind the tastes of the youth, would be loved and treasured by many. That’s the quality of this album. It has some amazingly crafted tracks that are intrinsically enjoyable in nature. You don’t have to be a fan of so and so genre to like Aftercare. The album is well equipped of doing one thing really well, that is, provide you with joy. 

The lyrics in the album are not only fun but deep and intellectual too. You realize that the reason why this album feels so good at first is not only because it is nice music but also because the lyrics are deeply meaningful. Moreover, the coordination of all the three brilliant artists assures the brilliance of this album.

A must listen if you want some refreshment and joy!

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