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Dyna Edyne - Likkle Brown Girl
Dyna Edyne - Likkle Brown Girl

Dyna Edyne – SENSES | Sultry neo-soul

SENSES from Dyna Edyne comes after smashing hits like F.L.Y. and Jacuzzi. This latest release is sultry and provocative. The singer’s vocals are smooth and sexy, and she is not shy from leveraging that seductive quality to her advantage. At the same time, the use of a jazzy saxophone gives the track a mellow vibe. The trap beats keep the song groovy, and there are certain parts where the instrument arrangement really shines. Most striking, to me, is the sax solo at the end of the song. Not only is it romantic and raunchy, but also layers beautifully with the keys.Β 

Singer and artist Dyna Edyne is based out of Miami, Florida. Her music has strong hints of influences from Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul, and especially her Haitian heritage. The result is what is described as new-age soul music, and that title seems to fit her unique style quite well. 

SENSES is lyrically crafted to allow the artist to express her fascination with her lover. While she sings praises of their character, her dreamy vocals make for sexy storytelling. It seems that she was given a love potion, because she has never been attracted to someone with such an unshakable passion. After her single verse, the song gives way to the saxophone solo which continues this affair, and ends almost suggestively.

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