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allegra - he ain't you
allegra - he ain't you

Allegra – He Ain’t You | Hollow Memories

Allegra is a British Born Singer-Songwriter influencing the dance-pop musical space. With her debut single All About Us, breaking into the US Billboard Dance Charts, the artist has since released several mesmerizing singles. He Ain’t You by Allegra is a writhing exposition of hollow memories and tremulous pain.

With magnetic melodies and sensual vocals, the artist draws the listener into the protagonist’s vault of loneliness. The synth articulations mirror the grief in the vocals and trickles into the nostalgic musical landscape. The memories of the protagonist’s old lover haunt her and painfully lingers around. The pain clouds her mind and thoughts, sprouting silvery ghosts of spent happiness.

The vocals are raw with emotion and cutting in its grief. The seductive temperance contained in the raspy deliciousness of the vocals is reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s later works. The song draws out a tender empathy from the listener as its melodies scribble love letters to the protagonist’s past love. With conversational lyrics, the artist beautifully brings out the complexity revolving around moving on.

The artist magnificently represents an intimate experience of muted suffering, muffled sobs and the quite torment of memories. The veil of doom and ruin claws in the aftermath of the song, sweeping across the expansive debris of depleted dopamine. A musical percussion circuit nudges the pain forward as the song progresses.

The song is an astronomical rendition of the timeless bond between pain and love. He Ain’t You sports a mellow rhythm and magnificent vocals.

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