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Fia Nyxx - Still Love You
Fia Nyxx - Still Love You

Fia Nyxx – Still Love You | Melody

Singer-songwriter musician extraordinaire Fia Nyxx truly possesses the trait that makes her the artist’s artist — the ability to go beyond the ho-hum of simply mouthing a few lyrics in a melody, but to really get under the skin of the track in offering it the emotional roller-coaster it deserves.

Nyxx returns to her discography from a moderately brief hiatus following her debut track and album Everything Girl, with her latest single Still Love You. Any long-standing Nyxx fan recognizes this track not just as a welcome return, but a doubly evolved performance of Fia Nyxx as a musician. The artist appears at their most confident and assertive with a motivation to truly evoke, characteristically charting out to genres beyond the customary indie-pop, but brief variations of cinematic synth electronic pop and alternative pop.

The track features immersive synth waves in assistance with Nyxx’s vocals and pulsating percussion, making it sound like a movie track out of the late nineties featuring the landscape of New York as the music’s backdrop. A great track to unwind and let play on particularly down days, Fia Nyxx’s Still Love You is an embodiment of the return of beautifully crafted melody into the pop scene. 

We reached out to the artist for a brief conversation regarding the track, the future of her music and more. Here is how that went:

Congratulations on your latest track! How would you describe Still Love You getting into your tracks completely new? 

Writing music is my way to tell my stories.  It’s a therapy, and a way for me to deal with life, but also it allows me to turn my experiences into OUR experiences.  We all have so much in common; everyone has had their heart broken, or experienced that gut-wrenching feeling that can only come from losing something so precious.  “Still Love You” was meant to highlight the beautiful side of a heartbreak, to focus on the love of it all, and to have a more light-hearted groove to uphold the ethereal nature of the melody. 

How would you say your musical styles have evolved/changed since you released Everything Girl?  

I feel that “Still Love You” is a good segue from my first album, Everything Girl, to my upcoming album, Red Umbrella, because it embodies a bit of that classic, old school vibe, and has the powerful choruses that I’ve previously been known for.  However, “Still Love You” feels like an elevation, a leveling up for me, vocally and artistically.  Not just this single, but the entire upcoming album was done from a much greater sense of self.  I knocked down all the walls and parameters that I felt had boxed me in in the past and I just allowed myself to experiment with sounds and genres to really get outside of the norm!  

Tell us about the journey of Still Love You – the birth of the melody to the finished product! 

I wrote “Still Love You” during an emotional time with a lot of uncertainty in my life and my current relationship.  On an especially hard night, I felt compelled to sit down at my keyboard and just “cry it out.” Whenever I am feeling especially overwhelmed, I immediately go to my keyboard.  Then it’s as if I truly tap into something magical and almost out of nowhere the chords just come to me. From there the inspiration flows.  Honestly, every great song i’ve ever written, the first draft has been done in about 20 mins!  When it’s right its right! 

From that session, I took the song to my producer Sam J Garfield and that’s where the magic took place.  We collaborated to bring the song to life and give it that incredible depth.  Sam is brilliant with his musicality and his ear for the ‘unheard,’ as I call it.  He hears things that no one else does, and suddenly the song and the vision elevate into a journey, an experience. 

The only way to truly let the song evolve and become the best it can be, is to collaborate with creators who are pushing the boundaries and continuously leveling up themselves.  

Sam J Garfield mixed the track into the incredible ethereal, 80’s bop that it is, and Scott Vera mastered it! We had a great team from the ground up!  I am extremely proud of what “Still Love You” turned out to be and the amazing attention it’s getting! 

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences? How would you say these influences trickle down into your own discography? 

My musical influences stem back to the Motown days… Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes.  I love the grit and passion of those iconic artists and the story telling in their tracks.  I am moved by powerful voices with booming vocals and something to say!  It was raw and incredibly authentic during that era of studio recording and I would like to think I capture those elements in my music.  I strive to become the best in my craft to truly honor my art.  I strive to be an incredible vocalist with my own developed style as tribute to music and the art of making it.  I also am a huge fan of Queen, particularly Freddie Mercury, for his larger than life stage persona, and his fearlessness on stage and in life.  There will never be anyone like him.  Just like there will never be anyone like me!  I want to make that kind of impact.

Is Still Love You the beginning of another stellar project? If so, what could you tell us about it?

“Still Love You” is the first single off of my upcoming album, “Red Umbrella,” releasing early 2022!  I have 3 more singles coming out before the end of the year and 2 music videos.  My tour has also started up and we are adding new dates all over the US (and beyond) to the website (fianyxx.com).  

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