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Luna Kat - be with you
Luna Kat - be with you

Luna Kat – be with you | Aura

New York-city based independent singer-songwriter Luna Kat polishes her discography since the release of her earlier track what’s love, with the drop of her latest bedroom pop number be with you.

Her sound coming straight out of the New York bedroom pop/indie-pop scene carries forward some of the most celebrated and acclaimed popular formulas of pop music, which Kat puts under the span of the near three-minute number. Thematically, the track is a romantic ballad — highlighting the lovelorn longing and impassioned search for The One, in the frantic eagerness of the things to be done with their arrival.

Characteristically, be with you is a mellow percussive bedroom pop number, occasionally borrowing the comfortable soundscape of lo-fi instrumentation and bubblegum pop arrangements. Aside from the relatable lyricism, what raises a few eyebrows is Luna Kat’s self-assured and confident vocal performance despite her present newcomer status to the scene. In an idealistic longing for the Other, Kat sings — ‘I want to be with you / So we can do the things that lovers do’. 

Just starting out, you don’t want to be the person who ended up not having Luna Kat on your playlists before her music blows up. Be sure to check out the track here: 

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